Volume 47, No.01, 2015 - Contents

Professor Graham Low

Srivalli Vilapakkam Nagarajan and Jenny Edwards
Professional Skills Requirements of IT Professional Practice: Australian IT Graduate Perspectives

Methanias Colaço Júnior, Maria de Fátima Menezes, Daniela Corumba, Manoel Mendonça and Breno Santana Santos
Do Software Engineers Have Preferred Representational Systems?

Hamid Ghous, Paul J. Kennedy, Nicholas Ho and Daniel R. Catchpoole
Comparing Functional Visualisations of Lists of Genes using Singular Value Decomposition

Volume 46, No.04, 2014 - Contents

Antonio Ruiz-Martínez and Rafael Valencia-García
Guest Editorial: Special Collection on Ontologies and Semantics in Communication Systems and Networks

Virginia Nascimento, Maria Joao Viamonte, Alda Canito and Nuno Silva
Enhancing Agent Mediated Electronic Markets with Ontology Matching Services and Social Network Support

Veronica Mateos, Víctor A. Villagrá and Julio Berrocal
Application of Ontologies and Formal Behaviour Decisions for Automated Intrusion Response Systems

Alberto Garcia-Sola, Teresa Garcia-Valverde, Juan A. Botia and Andrés Muñoz
Reasoning with Modular Ontologies for Context-Aware Applications

Lisa Frye, Liang Cheng and Jeff Heflin
TRIDSO: Traffic- based Reasoning Intrusion Detection System using Ontolog

Andrés Muñoz, Alberto Garcia-Sola, Teresa Garcia-Valverde and Juan A. Botia
Reasoning with Modular Ontologies for Context-Aware Applications

Anna P. Antonakopoulou, Fotios I. Gogoulos, Georgios V. Lioudakis, Aziz S. Mousas, Dimitra I. Kaklamani and Iakovos S. Venieris
An Ontology for Privacy-aware Access Control in Network Monitoring Environments

Alejandro Rodríguez-González, David Estrada-Contreras, Guillermo Cortés-Robles, Giner Alor-Hernández and Ulises Juárez-Martínez
A Function-Oriented Ontology Tool for Solving Inventive Problems


Volume 46, No.02-03 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Ji-Yeon Kim and Hyung-Jong Kim
System Specification-based Design of Cloud Data Centre and DEVS Simulation for Availability Evaluatio

Dongik Oh, Seung-Jin Moon and Hong-Kyu Kim
The Enhanced Posture Correction Calibration Devices Using Bio-Sensors on WSN

Junbeom Hur and Dong Kun Noh
Efficient and Secure Identity-Based Onion Routing

Ki-Seok Bang, Il-Gon Kim, Ji-Yeon Lee and Jin-Young Choi
Using a Process Algebraic Approach of Verifying Access Control in XML-based Healthcare Systems

Shin Jin Kang and Soo-Kyun Kim
Crowd Control with Vector Painting

Po-Ram Kim, Ho-Young Lee, Jung Lee and Chang-Hun Kim
Anisotropic Particle Level-Set Method for Multiphase Fluid

Shangjie Jin, Shanshan Liu, Meijian Li, Yongjun Wang, Peidai Xie and Zhen Huang
Message Format Extraction of Cryptographic Protocol Based on Dynamic Binary Analysis

Volume 46, No.1, 2014 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Victoria Beltran and Josep Paradells
Publications in Presence Service: Overview and Optimization Techniques

Rakesh Kumar and Gurvinder Kaur
WASM — A Metric for Securing a Web Application

Alexandru Tugui
Cloud computing – A Calm Technology for Humans-business-environment Triad

Ailing Qian, Xiaofeng Ding and Yansheng Lu
Efficient k -NN Searching over Large Uncertain Time Series Database

Volume 45, No.4, 2013 - Contents

Pablo Ruisoto Palomera, Juan A. Juanes Méndez, María A. Velasco Marcos, Israel Contador Castillo and Alberto Prats Galino
Understanding Major Depression in a Digital Environment

Volume 45, No.3, 2013 - Contents

Francisco J. García-Peñalvo, Manuel Ortega-Cantero and Pilar Rodríguez
GUEST EDITORIAL: Special Collection on Computers and Education

J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide
Identi?cation and Removal of Misconceptions on Optimization Concepts Underlying Greedy Algorithms

Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes, Francisco J. Almeida-Martínez, Antonio Pérez-Carrasco and J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide
Improving Students’ Performance with Visualization of Error Recovery Strategies in Syntax Analysis

Juan González-Tato, Martín Llamas-Nistal, Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez and Fernando A. Mikic-Fonte
Web-based Audience Response System Using the Educational Platform Called BeA

Manuel Ortega-Moral, José Ángel Vallejo-Pinto, Javier Torrente, Eugenio J. Marchiori, Pablo Moreno-Ger and Baltasar Fernández-Manjón
Evaluation of Three Accessible Interfaces for Educational Point-and-Click Computer Games

Volume 45, No.2, 2013 - Contents

Antoni Jaume-i-Capo and Alejandro Mesejo-Chiong
GUEST EDITORIAL: Accessibility, Inclusion and Rehabilitation using Information Technologies

Tiago Maritan U. de Araújo, Felipe Lacet S. Ferreira, Danilo Assis Nobre S. Silva, Eduardo de Lucena Falcão, Leonardo Dantas de Oliveira, Leonardo de Araújo Domingues, Yurika Sato Nóbrega, Hozana Raquel G. Lima, Alexandre Nóbrega Duarte and Guido Lemos S. Filho
Accessibility as a Service: Augmenting Multimedia Content with Sign Language Video Tracks

Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan and Rich Picking
Towards a Framework for Inclusive Gesture Controlled User Interface Design

Jorge Bidarra and Marcio Seiji Oyamada
Development of an Interactive Kiosk with Screen Amplifier for the Elderly and Those with Low Vision

Alejandro Ibarz, Jorge L. Falcó, Esteban Vaquerizo, Luis Lain, Jose Ignacio Artigas and Armando Roy
MonAMI: Mainstream on Ambient Intelligence. E-inclusion Living Scaled Field Trial Experience in Spain

Anthony L. Brooks
Active and Non-Active Volumetric Information Spaces to Supplement Traditional Rehabilitation

Volume 44, No.4, 2012 - Contents

Chatpong Tangmanee and Paradorn Sujarit-apirak
Attitudes towards CAPTCHA: A Survey of Thai Internet Users

Miguel Castañeda-Garay, Antonio Díaz-Tula, Óscar Belmonte-Fernández and Hebert Pérez-Rosés
Detection of Non-Stationary Photometric Perturbations on Projection Screens

Huaiqing Wang and Huaping Chen
Ontology of Bankruptcy Diffusion through Trade Credit Channel

Volume 44, No.3, 2012 - Contents

Malika Charrad, Nadia Yacoubi Ayadi and Mohamed Ben Ahmed
A Semantic and QoS-aware Broker for Service Discovery

Volume 44, No.2, 2012 - Contents

Miguel J. Hornos, María V. Hurtado, M. Pilar Fernández-Sánchez, Álvaro López-Martínez, Kawtar Benghazi, María L. Rodríguez-Almendros and María M. Abad-Grau
Hierarchical Role-based Design of Web-based Educational Systems for Blended Learning in Higher Education

Abelardo Pardo, Jesus Arias Fisteus and Carlos Delgado Kloos
A Distributed Collaborative System for Flexible Learning Content Production and Management

Juan Manuel Cigarrán, José Ignacio Mayorga, Javier Vélez Reyes and Miguel Rodríguez-Artacho
An Architecture for Retrieving and Organizing Web Resources for Didactic Purposes

Almudena Ruiz-Iniesta, Guillermo Jiménez-Díaz and Mercedes Gómez-Albarrán
A Framework for the Rapid Prototyping of Knowledgebased Recommender Systems in the Learning Domain

Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Mario Manso-Vázquez and Luis Anido-Rifón
Design of Flexible and Open Learning Management Systems using IMS Specifications. The Game·Tel Experience

Francisco J. García-Peñalvo, Miguel Ángel Conde, María José Casany, Marc Alier, Enric Mayol, Jordi Piguillem and Nikolas Galanis
Moodbile: A Framework to Integrate m-Learning Applications with the LMS

Thomas Richter, Alberto Gallardo, Verónica Mateos, Luis Bellidoa and Víctor A. Villagrá
Access Control for Shared Remote Laboratories

José-Luis Sierra-Rodríguez and Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo
GUEST EDITORIAL: Special Collection on Software Engineering for e-Learning – Part I

Volume 44, No.1, 2012 - Contents

Maria Glória Fraga, João Varajão, Luís Amaral and José Bulas-Cruz
Information Systems Outsourcing in Major Portuguese Companies – Contracting Services

Peter Dell
Australian IPv6 Readiness: Results of a National Survey

Chun-Wang Tsou
Consumer Acceptance of Windows 7 and Office 2010 – The Moderating Effect of Personal Innovativeness

Alejandro Cataldo, Robert J. McQueen and Jens Hardings
Comparing Strategic IT Alignment versus Process IT Alignment in SMEs

Professor John Yearwood

Volume 43, No.4, 2011 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Mohammad Alshayeb
The Impact of Refactoring on Class and Architecture Stability

Rafa E. Al-Qutaish and Alain Abran
A Maturity Model of Software Product Quality

Dolores Cuadra, Javier Calle and Jesica Rivero
How to Manage Spatio-temporal Events in Relational Databases

Volume 43, No.3, 2011 - Contents

Rafael Valencia-Garcia and Francisco Garcia Sanchez
Guest Editorial

Marko Boskovic, Dragan Gasevic, Bardia Mohabbati, Mohsen Asadi, Marek Hatala, Nima Kaviani and Jeffrey Rusk
Developing Families of Software Services: A Semantic Web Approach

Youna Jung and Minsoo Kim
Ontology-based Dynamic Role Interaction Control in Multi-Agent Systems

Enrique Jimenez-Domingo, Juan Miguel Gomez-Berbis, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios and Angel Garcia-Crespo
CARL: A Complex Applications Interoperability Language based on Semantic Technologies for Platform-as-a-Service Integration and Cloud Computing

Chunlei Fu, Qichang Duan, Li Fu, Hong Xiang, Zhongyang Xiong and Haibo Hu
A Learning Framework for Transitioning Network Intrusion Alerts Management System to Ontology

Volume 43, No.2, 2011 - Contents

Rafael Valencia-Garcia and Francisco Garcia Sanchez
Guest Editorial

Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam, Antonio A. Lopez-Lorca, Jun Shen, Ghassan Beydoun and Debbie Richards
Using Ontologies to Synchronize Change in Relational Database Systems

Ebrahim Bagheri, Faezeh Ensan, Dragan Gasevic and Marko Boskovic
Modular Feature Models: Representation and Configuration

Katia Vila, Jose-Norberto Mazón and Antonio Ferrández
Model-driven Development for Adapting Question Answering Systems to Restricted Domains

Astrid Duque-Ramos, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis, Robert Stevens and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles
OQuaRE: A SQuaRE-based Approach for Evaluating the Quality of Ontologies

Volume 43, No.1, 2011 - Contents

Dragan Gasevic, Georg Grossman and Sylvain Halle
Guest Editorial

Thomas Eisenbarth, Florian Lautenbacher, Bernhard Bauer
Adaptation of Process Models – A Semantic-based Approach

Jens Dietrich
An Ontological Model for Component Collaboration

Shusaku Iida, Grit Denker and Carolyn Talcott
Document Logic: Risk Analysis of Business Processes Through Document Authenticity

Christoph Brandt, Frank Hermann, Jan Friso Groote
Generation and Evaluation of Business Continuity Processes using Algebraic Graph Transformation and the mCRL2 Process Algebra

Volume 42, No.4, 2010 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Vu Van Tan, Dae-Seung Yoo and Myeong-Jae Yi
Designing and Developing a Modern Distributed Data Acquisition and Monitoring System

Leelien Ken Huang
A Resource-based Analysis of IT Personnel Capabilities and Strategic Alignment

Georg Grossmann, Michael Schrefl and Markus Stumptner
Modelling and Enforcement of Inter-Process Dependencies with Business Process Modelling Languages

Volume 42, No.3, 2010 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Eunkyoung Jee, Seungjae Jeon, Sungdeok Cha, Kwangyong Koh, Junbeom Yoo, Geeyong Park, Poonghyun Seong
FBDVerifier: Interactive and Visual Analysis of Counterexample in Formal Verification of Function Block Diagram


Seongcheol Kim, Heejin Lee, Myeong Ho Lee
Research in Convergence: A Literature Analysis

Seongcheol Kim, Changi Nam, Hyun-Kyung Jung, Min-Ho Ryu
Adoption of Fixed-mobile Convergence in the U.S. Telecommunication Industry

Yeong-Wha Sawng, Kiyong Om, Bongsik Shin, Jungmann Lee
Discontinuous Innovation and Market Chasm: The Case of Digital Convergence Services

Volume 42, No.2, 2010 - Contents

John Yearwood

Bratislav Predic, Dejan Rancic and Aleksandar Milosavljevic
Impacts of Applying Automated Vehicle Location Systems to Public Bus Transport Management

Eva C. Yen
Using Modified Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Real-time Workshop for Self-correction of the Option Pricing Model

Chi Yang, Chengfei Liu and Jianxin Li, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Junhu Wang
A Query System for XML Data Stream and its Semanticsbased Buffer Reduction

Dongqiang Yang and David M.W. Powers
Using Grammatical Relations to Automate Thesaurus Construction

Abhijit Ray, Thambipillai Srikanthan and Wu Jigang
Rapid Techniques for Performance Estimation of Processors

Volume 42, No.1, 2010 - Contents

Professor John Yearwood

Zhonglong Zheng and Xueping Chang
Laplacian MinMax Discriminant Projection and its Applications

Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link, Thu Trinh
Sample-based Decision Support for Specifying XML Constraints


Aditya Agrawal, Gavin Finnie1 and Padmanabhan Krishnan
A General Framework to Measure Organizational Risk during Information Systems Evolution and its Customization

Artem Vorobiev, Nargiza Bekmamedova
An Ontology-Driven Approach Applied to Information Security

Volume 41, No. 4, 2009 - Contents

Mu-Yen Chen, PhD
Guest Editorial

Pao-Hua Chou and Menq-Jiun Wu
Accessing e-Learners' Knowledge for Personalization in e-Learning Environment

Po-Han Wu, Gwo-Jen Hwang and Hui-Chun Chu, Chin-Chung Tsai, Yueh-Min Huang
A Computer-Assisted Collaborative Approach for Developing Enterprise e-Training Courses on the Internet

Ting-Chun Tung, Shing-Sheng Guan and Cheng-Hsun Hsieh
A Study of the Illustrative Style Effect of Icon Design –Using the Digital Camera Icon as an Example

Volume 41, No. 3, 2009 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Xinzhong Zhu, Jianmin Zhao, C. J. Duanmu and Huiying Xu

Noisy Motion-blurred Images Restoration Based on RBFN 


Lynn A. DeNoia and Anne L. Olsen

RFID and Application Security


Shinae Shin, Dongwon Jeong and Doo-Kwon Baik

Translating Topic Maps to RDF/RDF Schema for The Semantic Web


Kevin A. Johnston, Neil Botha, Nevashan Pillay and Shane Posthumus

Investigating the Role of Value Creation in Information Systems Relevance


Ya-Yueh Shih and Siao-Sian Huang

The Actual Usage of ERP Systems: An Extended Technology Acceptance Perspective

Volume 41, No. 2, 2009 - Contents

Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Alfonso Rodríguez, and Mariemma Yague
Guest Editorial  

Michael VanHilst, Eduardo B. Fernandez and Fabrício Braz

A Multi-Dimensional Classification for Users of Security Patterns 


William M. Fitzgerald, Simon N. Foley and Micheál Ó Foghlú

Network Access Control Configuration Management using Semantic Web Techniques


Joaquín Lasheras, Rafael Valencia-García, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis and Ambrosio Toval

Modelling Reusable Security Requirements based on an Ontology Framework


Carlos Blanco, Ignacio García-Rodríguez de Guzmán, David G. Rosado, Eduardo Fernández-Medina and Juan Trujillo

Applying QVT in Order to Implement Secure Data Warehouses in SQL Server Analysis Services


Michele Chinosi and Alberto Trombetta

Integrating Privacy Policies into Business Processes


Min-Hua Shao and Shin-Jia Huang

Lightweight Anonymous Routing for Reliability in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


Pino Caballero-Gil, Amparo Fúster-Sabater and M. Eugenia Pazo-Robles

New Attack Strategy for the Shrinking Generator


Sidney A. Morris

ACS Seeks Nominations for IT Journal Editor

Volume 41, No. 1, 2009 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Laurie McLeod, Stephen MacDonell and Bill Doolin

IS Development Practice in New Zealand Organisations 


Changi Nam, Seongcheol Kim, Hongkyu Lee and Bin Duan

Examining the Influencing Factors and the Most Efficient Point of Broadband Adoption in China


You-Heng Hu and Linlin Ge

Learning Ranking Functions for Geographic Information Retrieval Using Genetic Programming


Doina Tatar, Gabriela, Serban, Andreea Mihis and Rada Mihalcea

Textual Entailment as a Directional Relation


Asad Amir Pirzada, Marius Portmann and Jadwiga Indulska

AODV-HM: A Hybrid Mesh Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol

Volume 40, No. 4, 2008 - Contents

Ljiljana Brankovic, Mirka Miller and Chris Steketee
Guest Editorial  

Samiha Ayed, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia and Frederic Cuppens

Deploying Access and Flow Control in Distributed Workflows


Pino Caballero-Gil, Amparo Fúster-Sabater and Oscar Delgado-Mohatar

Linear Cellular Automata as Discrete Models for Generating Cryptographic Sequences


Josep M. Miret, Rosana Tomàs and Magda Valls, Daniel Sadornil and Juan Tena

Exploiting Isogeny Cordillera Structure to Obtain Cryptographically Good Elliptic Curves


Kun Peng and Feng Bao and Ed Dawson

Correct, Private, Flexible and Efficient Range Test


Index of Volume 40


Volume 40, No. 3, 2008 - Contents

Ljiljana Brankovic, Mirka Miller and Chris Steketee
Guest Editorial  

Kirsten Wahlstrom and Gerald Quirchmayr

A Privacy-Enhancing Architecture for Databases


Adepele Williams and Ken Barker

Controlling Inference: Avoiding P-level Reduction During Analysis


Vijayakrishnan Pasupathinathan, Josef Pieprzyk and Huaxiong Wang

Security Analysis of Australian and E.U. E-passport Implementation


Volker Fusenig, Dagmara Spiewak, and Thomas Engel

Anonymous Communication in Multi Hop Wireless Networks

Volume 40, No. 2, 2008 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Tapio Litmanen and Anu Tulkkanen

Global Sense of Risk: Media Reporting on Scientific Studies and Potential Risk of Mobile Phones


Gwan-Hwan Hwang, Hsin-Fu Lin, Chun Chin Sy and Chiu-Yang Chang

The Design and Implementation of Appointed File Prefetching for Distributed File Systems


Esam Khan, M. Watheq El-Kharashi, Fayez Hebali and Mostafa Abd-El-Barr

Design Space Exploration of a Reconfigurable HMAC-Hash Unit


Ashfaqur Rahman and Manzur Murshed

Dynamic Texture Synthesis Using Motion Distribution Statistics

Volume 40, No. 1, 2008 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Chad Lin, Graham Pervan, Hsiu-Yuan Tsao and Koong H.-C. Lin

An Investigation into Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce Organizations


Tom McBride

A Model for Investigating Software Accidents


Nan Tang, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Kam-Fai Wong and Jianxin Li

Fast XML Structural Join Algorithms by Partitioning


Jian Weng, Shengli Liu, Kefei Chen and Xiangxue Li

Identity-Based Parallel Key-Insulated Signature: Framework and Construction

Volume 39, No. 4, 2007 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Benjamin Lim, Heejin Lee and Sherah Kurnia

Exploring the Reasons for a Failure of Electronic Payment Systems: A Case Study of and Australian Company


Alejandra Cechich and Mario Piattini

A Six Sigma-Based Process to Improve COTS Component Filtering


Chunyu Bao, TseNgee Neo and Sheng-Uei Guan

Reduced Pattern Training In Pattern Distributor Networks


Regina Berretta, Alexandre Mendes and Pablo Moscato

Selection of Discriminative Genes in Microarray Experiments Using Mathematical Programming

Volume 39, No. 3, 2007 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris
Guest Editorial  

Lu Yaobin and Zhou Tao

A Research of Consumers' Initial Trust in Online Stores in China


Jianyun Xu, Andrew H. Sung, Srinivas Mukkamala and Qingzhong Liu

Obfuscated Malicious Executable Scanner


Siwoo Byun, Seongyun Cho and Moonhaeng Huh

Flash Memory Shadow Paging Scheme for Portable Computers: Design and Performance Evaluation


Sung Jin Kim, Hyungdong Lee and Hyoung-Joo Kim

Adaptive Partitioned Indexes for Efficient XML Keyword Search

Volume 39, No. 2, 2007 - Contents

Bill Appelbe and David Bannon
Guest Editorial  

Bill Appelbe and David Bannon

eResearch - Paradigm Shift or Propaganda


Steve Smith and Masahiro Takatsuka

Towards a Standards-based Message-oriented Advanced Collaboration System


Erik Vullings, James Dalziel and Markus Buchhorn

Secure Federated Authentication and Authorisation to GRID Portal Applications using SAML and XACML


Marco La Rosa, Glenn Moloney and Lyle Winton

Towards Belle Monte Carlo Production on the APAC National Grid Infrastructure


Elizabeth Post

Designing and Implementing a Grid Application for Cumulative Agrichemical Residue Tracking using Third-Party Data Sources and Software Components


Jason Roberts, Petra Heil, Steven J. Phipps and Nathan Bindoff

AusCOM: The Australian Community Ocean Model


Gary G. Brassington, Tim Pugh, Claire Spillman, Eric Schulz, Helen Beggs, Andreas Schiller and Peter R. Oke

BLUElink> Development of Operational Oceanography and Servicing in Australia

Volume 39, No. 1, 2007 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Jianyun Xu, Andrew H. Sung and Qingzhong Liu

Behaviour Mining for Fraud Detection


Asad Amir Pirzada, Chris McDonald and Amitava Datta

Dependable Dynamic Source Routing without a Trusted Third Party


Aaron Ceglar and John F. Roddick

Incremental Association Mining using a Closed-Set Lattice


Saeed Parsa and Omid Bushehrian

Genetic Clustering with Constraints


Iftekhar Ahmad and Joarder Kamruzzaman

Preemption Policy in QoS-Enabled Networks: A Customer Centric Approach

Volume 38, No. 4, 2006 - Contents

Hassan Reza and Emanuel S. Grant
Guest Editorial  

Jacky Estublier, Anca Daniela Ionita, and German Vega

Relationships for Domain Reuse and Composition


Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Claus Nielsen, Per Winther, Brian Vang and Anne Petersen

Eliciting CM3: Emergency Problem Management at Scandinavian Airline Systems


Hertong Song, Chokchai Leangsuksun and Raja Nassar

Availability Modeling and Evaluation on High Performance Cluster Computing Systems


Rajesh Sudarsan and Jeff Gray

Metamodel Search: Using XPath to Search Domain-Specific Models


Index of Volume 38


Volume 38, No. 3, 2006 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Hua-Yang Lin, Ping-Yu Hsu and Ping-Ho Ting

ERP Systems Success: An Integration of IS Success Model and Balanced Scorecard


Ahsan Abdullah and Amir Hussain

Data Mining a New Pilot Agriculture Extension Data Warehouse


Qingyuan Bai, Jun Hong, Michael F. McTear and Hui Wang

A Bucket-Based Approach to Query Rewriting Using Views in the Presence of Inclusion Dependencies


Xie Li and Wenjun Zhang

A Novel Statistical Distortion Model Based on Mixed Laplacian and Uniform Distribution of Mpeg-4 FGS

Volume 38, No. 2, 2006 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Zhonglong Zheng, Jie Yang, and Yitan Zhu

Face Detection and Recognition using Colour Sequential Images


Hazem M. El-Bakry and Qiangfu Zhao

Fast Normalized Neural Processors for Pattern Detection Based on Cross Correlation Implementation in the Frequency Domain


Devarajan Gopal and Taye Abdulkadir

Self-Similarity and Internet Performance


KwangJin Park

An Efficient Data Dissemination Scheme for Nearest Neighbour Query Processing


Ying-Han Pang, Andrew B.J. Teoh, and David C.L. Ngo

A Discriminant Pseudo Zernike Moments in Face Recognition

Volume 38, No. 1, 2006 - Contents

Julio César Hernández Castro
Guest Editorial  

Chunxiao Ye, Zhongfu Wu, and Yunqing Fu

An Attribute-Based Delegation Model and Its Extension


Siraj Shaikh and Vicky Bush

Analysing the Woo-Lam Protocol Using CSP and Rank Functions


Rodolfo Villarroel, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, and Mario Piattini

A UML 2.0/OCL Extension for Designing Secure Data Warehouses


Wes Sonnenreich, Jason Albanese, and Bruce Stout

Return On Security Investment (ROSI) – A Practical Quantitative Modell


Carlos Gutiérrez, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, and Mario Piattini

Towards a Process for Web Services Security


Guangsen Zhang and Manish Parashar

Cooperative Defence Against DDoS Attacks


Claudine Conrado, Milan Petkovic, Michiel van der Veen, and Wytse van der Velde

Controlled Sharing of Personal Content Using Digital Rights Management


Vaibhav Gowadia and Csilla Farkas

Tree Automata for Schema-Level Filtering of XML Associations


Khaled Alghathbar, Csilla Farkas, and Duminda Wijesekera

Securing UML Information Flow Using FlowUML

Volume 37, No. 4, 2005 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Karl H. Hofmann and Sidney A. Morris

Editor's Cut: Managing Scholarly Journals in Mathematics and IT


Andrew Rae and Colin Fidge

Identifying Critical Components During Information Security Evaluations


Mohamad Eid, Hassan Artail, Ayman Kayssi, and Ali Chehab

Trends in Mobile Agent Applications


Xiaoming Wu, Fang Lu, Bo Wang, and Jingzhi Cheng

Analysis of DNA Sequence Pattern Using Probabilistic Neural Network Model


A.A. Akintola, G.A. Aderounmu, A.U. Osakwe, and M.O. Adigun

Performance Modeling of an Enhanced Optimistic Locking Architecture for Concurrency Control in a Distributed Database System


Hye-Young Kim and Chong-Sun Hwang

An Efficient Location Management Scheme for the Same Mobility Nodes Group in Network Mobility


Renyi Zhao and V. Lakshmi Narasimhan

An Event Algebra Based System for Verifying E-Commerce Transactions


Index of Volume 37


Volume 37, No. 3, 2005 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Chad Lin, Graham Pervan, and Donald McDermid

IS/IT Investment Evaluation and Benefits Realization Issues in Australia


Aybuke Aurum, Claes Wohlin, and Hakan Petersson

Increasing the Understanding of Effectiveness in Software Inspections Using Published Data Sets


Darin Chan and John F. Roddick

Summarisation for Mobile Databases


Manoranjan Paul and Manzur Murshed

Advanced Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding Using Preferential Pattern Selection Algorithms

Volume 37, No. 2, 2005 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Phyl Webb and Judy Young

Perhaps Its Time for a Fresh Approach to ICT Gender Research?


Christine O'Keefe, Paul Greenfield, and Andrew Goodchild

A Decentralised Approach to Electronic Consent and Health Information Access Control


Young-Chang Hou and Shu-Fen Tu

A Visual Cryptographic Technicque for Chromatic Images Using Multi-Pixel Encoding Method


Anthony Tang, Michael Boyle, and Saul Greenberg

Understanding and Mitigating Display and Presence Disparity in Mixed Presence Groupware


Gongde Guo, Hui Wang, and David Bell

Similarity-Based Data reduction Techniques

Volume 37, No. 1, 2005 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Alex Zelinsky

Reinventing ICT Research


Hugh Roberts and Shirley Gregor

Why Australian Merchants Aren't Adopting E-Money


Bruce Armstrong, Gerard Fogarty, Don Dingsdag and Julian Dimbleby

Validation of a Computer User Satisfaction Questionnaire to Measure IS Success in Small Business


Heping Pan, Chandima Tilakaratne and John Yearwood

Predicting Australian Stock Market Index Using Neural Networks Exploiting Dynamical Swings and Intermarket Influences


Michelle O'Brian and John Yearwood

Decisions Surrounding Adverse Drug Reaction Prescribing: Insights from Consumers and Implications for Decision Support


Ranadhir Ghosh and Moumita Ghosh

An Intelligent Offline Handwriting Recognition System Using Evolutionary Neural Learning Algorithm and Rule Based Over Segmented Data Points


Robert Dale, Sabine Geldof and Jean-Philippe Prost

Using Natural Language Generation in Automatic Route Description


Stuart Norcross, Ron Morrison, Dave Munro, Henry Detmold and Katrina Falkner

Implementing a Family of Distributed Garbage Collectors


Saeed Parsa and Omid Busherian

A New Encoding Scheme and a Framework to Investigate Genetic Clustering Algorithms

Volume 36, No. 4, 2004 - Contents

Didar Zowghi
Guest Editorial  

Karl Cox, Aybuke Aurum and Ross Jeffery

An Experiment in Inspecting the Quality of Use Case Descriptions


Marisol Sanchez-Alonso, Juan M. Murillo and Juan Hernandez

COFRE: Environment for Specifying Coordination Requirements using Formal, and Graphical Techniques


Beatriz Bernardez, Amadore Duran and Marcela Genero

Empirical Evaluation and Review of a Metrics-Based Approach for Use Case Verification


Steven J. Bleistein, Aybuke Aurum, Karl Cox and Pradeep K. Ray

Strategy-Oriented Alignment in Requirements Engineering: Linking Business Strategy to Requirements of e-Business Systems using the SOARE Approach


Paolo Donzelli and Paolo Bresciani

Improving Requirements Engineering by Quality Modelling - A Quality-Based Requirements Engineering Framework


Javier Andrade, Juan Ares, Santiago Rodriguez, Francisco J. Lopez, Juan Pazos and Andres Sliva

Computer-Assisted Discrepancy Management - A Case Study in Research Transfer to Industry


Index of Volume 36



Volume 36, No. 3, 2004 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Jinyan Li and Hwee-Leng Ong

Feature Space Transformation for Better Understanding Biological and Medical Classifications


Nam Hee Lee and Sung Deok Cha

Generating Reduced Finite State Machine from Concurrent Scenarios Using Static Partial Order Method


Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed and Laurence Dooley

Fast Block-Based True Motion Estimation Using Distance Dependent Thresholds


Namgyu Kim Songchun Moon and Yonglak Sohn

Application of Unique View Consistency for Elimination of Covert Channels in Real-Time Secure Transaction Processing Systems


Yan Jin, Charles Lakos and Robert Esser

Modular Consistency Analysis of Component-Based Design


Volume 36, No. 2, 2004 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Sheng-Uei Guan, Sin Lip Tan and Feng Hua

A Modularized Electronic Payment System for Agent-based E-commerce


Jeffrey Xu Yu, Chi-Hon Choi, Gang Gou and Hongjun Lu

Selecting Views with Maintenance Cost Constraints: Issues, Heuristics and Performance


O. Sorebo, G.E. Christensen and T.R. Eikebrokk

The Impact of Purposeful End-User Computing Activities on Job Performance: An Empirical Investigation


Keyur Patel: Book Review of Mohini Singh and Dianne Waddell editors

E-Business Innovations and Change Management


Volume 36, No. 1, 2004 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Chih-Chien Wang

Sender and Receiver Addresses as Cues for Anti-Spam Filtering


Mohamed Ahmed-Nacer

Evolution of Software Processes and of their Models: A Multiple Strategy Approach


L. Wookey and J. Geller

Semantic Hierarchical Abstraction of Web Site Structures for Web Searchers


Steven Guan and Fangming Zhu

Ontology Acquisition and Exchange of Evolutionary Product-brokering Agents


Andrew Teoh, S.A. Samad and A. Hussain

Nearest Neighbourhood Classifiers in a Bimodal Biometric Verification System Fusion Decision Scheme


Volume 35, No. 4, 2003 - Contents

Sidney A. Morris

Bill Appelbe
The Future of Open Source Software

Shichao Zhang and Chengqi Zhang
A Probability Data Model and its Semantics

Jim M. Ng, Chor Ping Low and Ruth N. Susilo
Determination of the Availability of a Shared Backup Channel

Abdul Halim Zaim
A Markov Model to Calculate New and Hand-off Call Blocking Probabilities in LEO Satellite Networks

Ngamnij Arch-int, Peraphon Sophatsathit and Yuefeng Li
Ontology-based Metadata Dictionary for Integrating Heteregeneous Information Sources on the WWW

Index for Volume 35 (2003)

Volume 35, No. 3, 2003 - Contents

Sid Morris

M. de Raadt, R. Watson and M. Toleman
Introductory Programming Languages at Australian Universities at the Beginning of the Twenty First Century

Sharyn Ch'ang and Marina Yastrebroff
Intellectual Property Auditing: A Road to Riches

Lisa Bowman
The Story of an Australian dot.com Company that Survived the Tech Wreck

S.L. D. Ah-Fock and A.L.M. Cavaye
The Effect of Reusability on Perceived Competitive Performance of Australian Software Firms

Somjai Boonsiri, Robert C. Seacord and David A. Mundie
Rule-Based COTS Integration

J. Van Akkeren and D. Harker
The Mobile Internet and Small Business: An Exploratory Study of Needs, Uses and Adoption with Full-Adoptors of Technology

Book Review by Danny Yee
Martin Campbell-Kelly
From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedgehog - A History of the Software Industry

Volume 35, No. 2, 2003 - Contents

Linda Bird, Sam Heard, and Jim Warren
Guest Editorial- Special Issue - Knowledge Management in Healthcare

Bryn Lewis
From Narrative Therapeutic Guidelines to Decision Support: Design for Production Efficiency and Safety

Kemafor Anyanwu, Amit Sheth, Jorge Cardoso, John Miller and Krys Kochut
Healthcare Enterprise Process Development and Integration

Tiziana Catarci, Guiseppe Santucci and Sonia Fernandes Silva
An Interactive Visual Exploration of Medical data for Evaluating Health Centres

L. Bird, A. goodchild and Z. Tun
Experiences with a Two-Level Modelling Approach to Electronic Health Records

Quddus Chong, Anup Marwadi, Kaustubh Supekar and Yugyung Lee
Ontology Based Metadata Management in Medical Domains

Volume 35, No. 1, 2003 - Contents

Sid Morris

Carlo Cappuccio and Sigi Goode
Australian Business After the Dotcom Bubble: Initial Findings

Eileen M. Trauth, Susan Nielsen and Liisa von Hellens
Explaining the IT Gender Gap: Australian Stories for the New Millenium

Peter J. Mangan and Shazia Sadiq
A Constraint Specification Aproach to Building Flexible Workflows

Trent W. Lewis and David M.W. Powers
Audio-Visual Speech Recognition using Red Exclusion and Neural Networks